Octavian - Rome:2x04/2x05

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Diary Of A Pendragon: When In Rome || Time Turner Disasters »


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Isabella had been taught about most every empire known to man. The rise and fall of each centuries regimes.And being the year 2012 there had been many. Of all of them…

Octavian swept through the winding halls, white robes billowing out behind him. Slaves shuffled after him, and he had to resist the urge to snap at them to give him space. On the outside, he appeared perfectly calm, a serene smile playing at his lips; whilst on the inside, irritation spiraled through him. Surely he had more pressing matters to attend to than a woman supposedly attempting to steal water from his private supply. But he could not seem as though he did not care for the little things, for the common people of Rome and, indeed, of the entire world.

Somewhere in the next room, a slave announced, “Make way for his honour Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Divi Filius Augustus. Make way there, I say!” Octavian had to press down the smirk that begged to make itself known. Quite a name he had made for himself. Even more so than his great-uncle, the God, so it was said, Julius Caesar. At the thought, he felt a glow of pride erupt in his chest, and quickened his pace, now standing taller.

He did not pause before entering the room, and instead made his way to one of the chairs, sitting down lightly and gesturing for a glass of water. Holding it in one hand, his blue gaze found the woman before him. “Will you take a drink?” he asked, voice quiet yet managing to fill the entire, deathly silent room, mustering up all his charm. “Whilst you are here, you are my guest, no matter the crime you have supposedly committed.”

He glanced pointedly at the brutes that had hauled her into his home, but only let his eyes linger on them for a split second before they were once more studying the lady. “I apologise for them. They know not how to treat woman with proper respect. Now, what be your name?”

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That moment where he sits down at 3:45, and the music…

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Octavian - 2x06

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Benjamin looked up as he heard the bell ring to the shop. “Hello, how can I help you sir?” He smiled at the man, as he had to do a double take at the young man. He had seen his face before but he couldn’t pout a face with a name.

Glancing over from where he had already started trailing his fingers carefully along the spines of various books, Octavian studied the other man for a long moment before returning his attention to the task before him. “Greetings,” he replied, dispensing with all charm as he so often did when consumed with books, “I don’t suppose you would happen to have any texts by the Greek philosophers? Socrates, Plato, Aristotle?”

He looked over his shoulder, blinking calmly as he waited expectantly.

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“Who’re you?”

"You don’t know who I am?" He frowned slightly, but continued on, "I would have thought all plebs were familiar with my name. I am Octavian, of the Julii."

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Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) & Max Pirkis (Octave) in Rome


Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo) & Max Pirkis (Octave) in Rome

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“Hello there.”

"Greetings. Who are you?"

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